Top 15 Coolest Police Cars in the U.S.

To keep the streets safe, it is necessary that the police are as mobile as possible. In their case, mobility is usually a task reserved for police cars. Needless to say, police officers often have to have high-performance cars to fight crime. This is the case throughout the world, although some countries tend to exaggerate excessively. Take the United Arab Emirates, for example, where the Dubai police show off the wealth of the country with a great line-up of police cars, including virtually everything from $ 100,000 BMW M6 to $ 1.5 Bugatti Veyron. They even have $ 3.4 million Lykan Hypersport, but the supercar is homemade, so it’s understandable.

In the USA, however, police cars are usually equivalents of medium-sized sedans. Slightly tuned, compared to ordinary family cars. We do not care which of the following categories belong to the next 15, as long as they are cool. So, in chronological order, here are what we consider to be the best and coolest American police vehicles ever made.

1. Ford Crown Victoria P71 Interceptor

Ford Crown Victoria P71 Interceptor | Top 15 Coolest Police Cars in the U.S.


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