5 of the best cars ever made

Ever since Karl Benz built the first car in 1886, advancements have been continually made as cars just keep on getting better and quicker than ever before. The time of competing with horses is well gone and now we’re left with beautiful cars that are reliable and accessible to anyone. What though are the best cars ever made?

Well, some are more important than others, and some changed the way that we think about driving. Here we take a look at the best 5 cars that changed the way that we view the world.

Ford Model T

Due to this car’s name, many people wrongly assume that Henry Ford invented it. The Model T, though, was the first ever mass-produced car to come off an assembly line. It was made in 1908 and showed to the world that a car could be easily accessible to anyone and at an affordable price. It finally sealed the fact that horse-drawn carriages would soon be a thing of the past.

VW Beetle

We’ve all seen them and they are still visible on the roads today, just not quite in the same style as the original that came out in 1949. The design hasn’t changed much since on the outside though. The car was actually designed by Ferdinand Porsche, although he took a very different direction with his designs afterwards! This car helped launched Volkswagen into the biggest automobile company that it is today.

BMC Mini

The Mini is seen today as a car of fun and nostalgia, especially to those who have fond memories of watching the Italian Job. The Mini though was incredibly important. It took the mass sale of a vehicle to another level and showed how much efficiency you could get from a small space, including turning the engine sideways. It set the template for sports cars and all the production cars we see today. It was a real game-changer.

Ford Mustang

Before the Mustang, style was seen as an added bonus not to be expected. Not many cars were beautiful, and if they were, they were far too expensive for the common worker. The Mustang helped to show the world that you could have style at an affordable price. It became the darling of America and is still a cult classic today, just like the Beetle and the Mini.

Tesla Model S

Before Tesla electric cars had the reputation of being ugly, unreliable and inefficient for anyone who drove any amount of distance. There was no way that anyone looking to make a style statement would buy one. The Model S changed all that. It is a beautiful car and the great performance showed that you don’t have to sacrifice anything when buying an electric car.

There are many cars that made huge statements, but these are 5 of the best to have ever come off a production line. When Henry Ford created that Model T, he might never have thought that one day there would be an electric car that could go four times as fast. We’ve come a long way in 110 years.