British cars that have made history

Britain is universally known for the impression that it has made upon the car industry. Iconic names such as Land Rover, Aston Martin, Mini and Jaguar have rippled worldwide and can be found in every continent on the globe. For such a small island nation, Britain has made its mark. Everyone knows at least one British car brand or recognises one from the movie screen from classic films such as the 007 franchise, the Italian Job, Austin Powers and many more. Remembered not only for the stunning women and strong male leads, they are also remembered for the quintessential cars made in the UK. Some might even say that the cars were the real stars of the show. Though considered to be “old cars” in the 21st century, they are also classics.

However, Britain is not just known for its stylish or gadget-filled vehicles that many know from the big screen, but they have also made history through their purpose. Here are just a couple of examples of what British engineering and ingenuity have created.

Land Rover

An easily recognisable vehicle, these 4x4s are the blueprints of similar vehicles that have come after it. Throughout military warfare, the Land Rover has been used by the British Government to carry soldiers across treacherous terrain. The Land Rover was designed to carry not just military personnel but also supplies such as provisions and artillery. Following on from the iconic design of the Land Rover Defender that was produced in the 1980s, the Land Rover Wolf was commissioned by the Ministry of Defence to be used for the military services. Made for hardier work due to the nature of the terrain that it would be working on, this is a classic example of how Land Rover can use their ingenuity to alter the functionality of the vehicle to meet new demands.


A British brand known for its luxurious designs, Rolls-Royce has produced cars for more than 110 years to the highest of standards. Known for being the car of the upper classes, Rolls-Royce has produced cars that have been bought by and in some cases have been made for royal families around the world. A beautiful example of this is the Rolls-Royce Phantom IV which was manufactured from 1950 to 1956. In this time only 18 of these models were produced – they were only sold to clients that the company deemed to be worthy of the car. Of course, one such client was Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. There were other heads of state to own the car including Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Spain, Hakim of Kuwait, Abdullah III Al-Salim Al-Sabah, and Princess Margaret (the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II). These 7 seater limousines were designed to carry the rich and powerful in style and comfort, with the option of them being able to drive the vehicles themselves.

There are many more manufacturers that have had a great impact on the motorcar industry. Whether it be for an industrious purpose such as the Wolf or designed to provide optimum pleasure and luxury like the Phantom IV, Britain has been at the forefront of innovation, leading the way for others.