New car buying guide

Not only is getting a new car super exciting, it may be one of the biggest purchases you make this year. There are lots of things to consider when buying a new car, and it’s worth doing your research and choosing carefully. We’ve put together a handy buying guide for you to make sure your next new car is the best one for you.

Read reviews

When you’re buying a new car, it’s so important to do your research. Have a read of reviews on car blogs, in magazines and on customer forums, to see what actual people’s experience with the car is. Look at a range of sources, so you don’t get a biased view and talk to people you know who may have a similar car or an older model.

Choose the best car for your lifestyle

It’s worth looking at how you plan to use your new car and which cars are best suited to that. If you’ve got a family, then obviously choosing a car with enough space and seats is important, and it might also be worth looking for a large boot for family holidays and school runs. If you’re going to be driving a lot, make sure the car you’re looking at has good fuel efficiency. If you’ve got a tiny driveway or you work in the city, it might be worth looking at a smaller model for squeezing into those tight parking spaces. If you live in the countryside, then having a car that can handle winding roads and rough terrain is worth looking for too.

Choose a model that holds its value

New cars do tend to lose value as soon as you’ve bought them, but there are plenty of cars that don’t depreciate as quickly as others. Some reliable car brands that have held value are Mini, Audi, Volkswagen, Lexus and Ford. Think long-term and make sure you get a car that you can resell for a decent price.

Look at the costs

Insurance can be costly, especially for younger drivers. Use a comparison site to get insurance quotes for the car models you are considering and look out for deals like free insurance or multi-car discounts. Find out how much road tax you’ll be paying, and if there are any extra tariffs or charges you might have to pay. All of these factors will affect how easily you can afford your new car. Check the warranty on the new cars you are looking at, and make sure you get the best deal, with as much as possible included.

Shop around

Instead of going straight to the dealership, it’s worth shopping around and doing some research online so you get the very best price for your new car. Don’t be afraid to haggle and try and get a better deal, or ask for extras. The new car market is extremely competitive and you’re at an advantage, especially when dealers are trying to fulfil targets.

Take a test drive

It’s really important to take your new car out for a test drive and most dealers will be happy to do so. Try and get a feel for the car, and drive it in a way you would after you’ve bought it. Make sure you are comfortable in the car, and that it feels and drives how you want it to.