Our five favourite footballer cars

With the football season officially over and the 2018 World Cup just around the corner, if there’s anything footballers are notorious for off the pitch, it’s driving some of the biggest and best cars available.

With wages averaging out at around £150,000 per week they can have pretty much any car they want, so here are five of our favourite footballer cars…

Porsche Cayenne

Offering the perfect mixture of sporty performance with high-riding SUV-esque practicality and looks, the Cayenne has been a popular choice for almost every footballer from Robin van Persie to Steven Gerrard since it was introduced over a decade ago.

With the Porsche pedigree outweighing any misgivings about its hefty price, and the range-topping Turbo model giving an eye-popping performance of 500bhp and 0-62 in under five seconds, any footballer driving the Cayenne can certainly make a quick getaway from the paparazzi.

Chevrolet Camaro

No longer available in the UK after the failed introduction that got us excited (until we realised the cars were nothing but rebadged Daewoos), as Manchester United’s shirt sponsor the team are lucky enough to have the option of picking any car from the American Chevy range they want.

No surprise then that Wayne Rooney took advantage and opted for the Chevy Camaro. Classed as a pony car, the Camaro range goes from a 2.0 L turbo producing 275 hp all the way up to the SS model featuring a 6.2 V8 with 455 hp.

BMW i8

For the eco-conscious footballer, the BMW i8 supercar certainly fits the bill. Maybe that’s why the chairman of Leicester City Football Club picked the i8 out as the car to gift to the team that did the impossible and won the Premier League a few seasons ago.

With its aluminium carbon fibre structure, the turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine has the dubious distinction of being the highest power-to-capacity engine BMW has ever made. That means 231bhp is at your disposal, 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 155mph.

Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT remains the de facto choice for a footballer’s car. In fact, we’re pretty sure it’s mandatory that a footballer buys one when they sign their first professional contract. As such everyone from Jamie Vardy and Alexis Sanchez to John Terry and David Beckham has been spotted driving one at some point in their career.

With a choice between a loud V8 or refined W12 engine, and with its unchallenged air of sophistication, no wonder anyone who can afford the Continental GT has one.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

We live in the time of SUV dominance on the road, and nothing is more dominant than the G-Class.

Despite it’s chunky, old-fashioned looks and capable reputation, the interior is pure luxury. Couple that with its macho tough image and it’s no wonder the likes of Mesut Özil have been spotted driving the AMG 63.

With 540bhp and 760Nm of torque available, for £135,000 it’s no wonder it has become the must-have footballer vehicle.