Planned legislation and what your car says about you!

Do people really care anymore about what car you drive? Is it still a status symbol to drive the fastest car in the world, and seriously uncool to be seen in a dustbin on wheels?

Yes indeed, the car you drive still says a lot about who you are. However, the way people measure your status from your vehicle has changed slightly in recent years.

What’s under the bonnet is more important than having the sleekest models, according to increasing numbers of people.

Government move to ban most cars

The Government has recently announced plans to outlaw about 98% of the cars currently on the road in the UK. By 2040, it wants all cars to be electric. Even hybrids could become obsolete.

The clean air plan has yet to be ratified and is currently being formulated by the transport, environment and business departments. But it shows the direction the UK Government is going in.

It means that if you’re driving a fossil fuel guzzling, low-tech car, then you could well be the subject of increasingly dark looks as the years go by.

Wanting the best

Having the best cars – including the most efficient and cleanest – can also be about wanting to boost your own sense of self too.

This comes from our own perceptions of our cars. Our vehicles are vital to us and central to everyday life. They are often an extension of our own personality. For some people, it’s like a member of the family (hence the cute nicknames).

This makes people more inclined to want the best looking and most advanced car, even if their income makes this a stretch.

According to behavioural psychologists, when you buy a car three different thoughts are going through your mind. Who you think you are, who you would like to be, and what you want other people to think about you!

First impressions matter

Just as first impressions count with our clothing, address and career choices, people judge each other on their “wheels”.

Let’s be honest – we all do this. In fact, it’s human nature.

Studies by psychologists have shown that in as little as one-tenth of a second we are “hard wired” to make assumptions about other people.

That’s because the conscious part of our brain can process around 40 pieces of unique information in one second, but meanwhile, our subconscious mind can be juggling around 11 million things in that same moment!

We analyse information, for example, about how someone is dressed, where they are standing in the room, their body shape, gender, body language and what they sound like.

The same is applied to seeing someone getting in or out of a car. You consciously or subconsciously sort them into pigeonholes. Which means a rather sad-looking and out of date vehicle earns less respect than an up-to-date model.

Getting the latest models of car

Moving with the times – and making a better first impression – means updating your car regularly, which can be a big expense.

Fortunately, car leasing is a great solution. It provides greater flexibility, without a massive outlay for new car prices.

Leasing is also a great option if you want the latest model or something special to drive, and to show the world that you care about….well, the world!