The real reasons why people choose the car they do

People think they choose new cars for various sensible and logical reasons. In fact, sometimes they choose cars for quite different reasons.

Make a shortlist

The process begins with a shortlist, determined for reasons of budget, engine efficiency and reliability – or so you think! In fact, your shortlist is often compiled based on information drawn from family and friends. Your best friend swears by Vauxhall, your dad waxes melodic on a Volvo and your boss drives the latest Toyota – your list ‘coincidentally’ features Vauxhalls, Volvos and Toyotas… This process is quite often unconscious, and you may even find yourself saying, ‘I’m sure I’ve heard that Volvos are rock-solid, like tanks in an accident,’ without realising that it is your dad that said it, rather than someone in the industry! The top selling cars of 2017 in the UK were the Ford Fiesta, the Volkswagen Golf and the Ford Focus, something you could also take into account.

The sweet smell of success

The smell of a new car is something indefinable and almost indescribable, oozing from the fresh new upholstery and lingering even in the footwell for months after purchase. The smell is something like clean leather, with a hint of chemical-laden plastic and just a soupcon of rubber: a clean, successful smell that declares the driver a winner. It is hard to slide behind the wheel of a car that smells new, and then walk away without giving some serious thought as to how to own all that deliciousness!

Sounds right

Performance usually appears high on a sensible list of reasons to buy a car, but what does performance actually mean? Briefly, you want a car that goes moderately fast (which is fast enough to impress without being fast enough to scare anyone) without using too much fuel while it does so. The best layman’s way to gauge a car’s performance is very unscientific – uh – we mean simple! Does it start with a deep purr, run with a gravelly rumble and open up with an exciting shriek (some screechy braking noises are acceptable too!) If yes to all of these, that is a good, desirable car, one that will elicit envy from colleagues and neighbours. The engine sound must be right. This is why electric cars are slow to take off – they don’t make exciting ‘vroom vroom’ noises – maybe that’s what Tesla needs to turn their profits around, a sound engineer!

Colour enhancement

Colour is not considered seriously, but it is quite important. If you think it is not that essential, think of the worst colour you’ve ever seen – then imagine your favourite car in that colour. Disgusting, right? The inverse is equally true – if you love a car in an indifferent colour, you will adore it in your favourite shade! Choose your car colour wisely too – there are people who decide to make a bold statement and get the canary yellow or vivid scarlet car, only to regret it in a few months’ time when people start making jokes about mid-life crises and second childhoods… If you really want the bright shade, go for it, but if there is a chance you’ll change your mind, maybe think twice before signing on the dotted line! In 2017 20% of all cars sold were black, and grey is rising in popularity too!

So there you have the real reasons as to how you will choose a new car!