Which cars are movie stars?

They get raced, crashed and sometimes come off worse in a scene with a crushing machine.

Cars are used in countless movies and television programmes to move the plot along or to add dramatic effect. Sometimes they’re even the star of the show.

During filming, people do their courting in cars, escape in them or even meet their demise while parked or driving.

For some car buffs, it’s the clangers they most enjoy. For example, when a 1980s car model zooms around in a film set in the 1970s. Or they like playing “spot the car” when the filmmakers use the same vehicle in multiple locations and time points.

League table of car appearances in films

One internet car insurance website decided to totally “geek out” over movie cars. The team there did research into the vehicles that most commonly find their way on to film sets, to add some motoring movie magic.

The Lincoln Town car was in tenth place in the league table, with its 300 appearances in major films. Dare we break the first rule, and mention that one of its notable spots was in Fight Club?

The Toyota Land Cruiser gets about a lot too, with 307 appearances in movies such as The Mist. It may need a new GPS system though as it also carried characters in the film “The Lost Boys”.

Clocking up 312 movie moments, was the Volkswagen Golf. Perhaps not surprising when you consider that there are millions of them around on the roads.

Moving up the league, you get the Chevrolet Camaro, which appeared in the Transformers films amongst many others, then the Mercedes-Benz S-Class which had a starring role in the Fast & Furious movie franchise.

Fifth spot goes to a van, not a car. The Ford Econoline has been spotted in everything from Dumb and Dumber to Enemy of the State. It makes a great vehicle for surveillance duties in film plots.

Who can forget the fourth place Chevrolet Caprice, when it starred in films such as The Dukes of Hazzard and uber cool Point Break?

The Chevrolet Impala has gathered an impressive 501 movies appearances, including the iconic Saturday Night Fever and the Mad Max franchise.

Still a good way behind second place though. The Ford Crown Victoria can boast a role in no less than 755 films! That includes Men in Black and many spots as a police cruiser.

Most often seen movie car

So which car is most commonly featured in films, according to the research done by the comparison website? Take a guess.

The answer is the Ford Mustang with an eye-popping 809 appearances. It’s graced our screens in race scenes – such as Gone in 60 Seconds – and in apocalypse action in I Am Legend.

In fact, Ford cars, in general, are chosen most regularly for movie sets. This automobile brand has provided vehicles for around 9,000 films and counting.

Has this whetted your appetite to do some car spotting on your next trip to the cinema?

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